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Coline Bach

24 years old, London, United Kingdom


Who are you?


Oh bloody hell, writing your own bio, even a short one is so egocentric! I shall just say that I’m a French stylist living in London I love silly stuff like cheese and Marmite sandwiches, winter wonderland and Scottish tartan plaid. And so much more of course.


Why the tattoo?


I’m not the kind of person who does tattoos to claim something. I did my tattoos just because I wanted to get tattoos for a long time, and I thought they’d look nice and cool. I mean let’s be honest, we mostly all get tattoos because we think it looks cool and we find it pretty. People who say that every single one of their tattoo means this or that in their life are full of shit. 

I like the way my tattoos are unique and make me look not just like another girly girl, but a bit tougher.