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"Paris is mine and it owes me a living."

Jon S. Maloy

25 years old, Paris, France


Who are you?


An imaginative guy who turned up badly. I sell ideas and concepts to brands. I'm in advertising. I was working for a long time in an international digital communication agency, before I recently co-founded my own company: Capsule Circus.


Why the tattoo?


It's the common denominator between my daytime tie and my evening tee shirt, unless it's the contrary. It's my inked cashmere, the thing I'm never tired of wearing.

It's infinity within the reach of poodles. It's a way for me to break free from the notions of time, it's direct, and it's a renewal in my life. Through my tattoos, I try to bring some constancy to my moods and to my state of mind. Not to forget a certain sense of aesthetics.




Darius Salimi