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"May be crazy, but never cowardly."

Tara Blair

23 años, New York, USA

Nanny/Personal assistant/Cook/Group Assistant at Largetail

¿Quién eres?

A blessed, bright eyed little lady who collects shoes, tattoos, and good karma. A lover of animals, and supporter of civil rights. Constantly changing, but always remaining true to myself. 
What drives me? My mom, love, and an endless desire to learn. 

Motivo del tatuaje

I have always been fascinated by the history, style, and association of tattoos. So it just goes hand in hand. 
I’ve researched tattoos and artists for years. Just am intrigued by every aspect of it. Also, with the fact that I grew in a small town where people told me I wouldn’t be pretty with a lot of tattoos. Suppose its rebellion as well. 
I am supporter of those who choose to create art, and support expression. My body is an artifact of those individuals.